Karing Loving's mission is to provide the highest quality of child care possible. Our developmental program includes age-appropriate activities to help develop and enhance your child's intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. Activities include large motor skills, language development, music, art and social interaction in a safe, clean, loving environment. Services are available,including Occupational therapy speech, and psychological services.



We provide parents the quality of care they are looking for.

With our video system a camera unit  placed ourside the door while a display monitor is installed inside the center.


when somone rings the door bell staff will be able to talk to them from the convenience  and security of the center, also seeing an image of whose  outside the door of the center.

Our Child Care Curriculum contributes to children's ability to thrive and experience joy in life and learning experiences.

We provide our young children with experiences and environments that enhance their learning. Our carefully planned curriculum  includes experiences that drive young children's growth; engages all senses; nurtures social and emotional skills; enhances motor skills; and supports cognitive, language, and literacy development in a developmentally appropriate environment.

In 2013 we were awarded step up to quality one star by meeting the quality benchmarks of the state of Ohio.  For your child to have a planned, active well-balanced day our teachers are highly trained, highly motivated, and highly responsive and dedicated. Karing Loving Preschool follows a daily routine that supports our children to prepare them better for their later school years and life experiences.Children learn through active participation with hands-on experience of exploration, discovery and learning. Individual assessments and portfolios take place here at the center two weeks after enrollment.

Playing is learning

Developmentally appropriate PLAY


Karing Loving Preschool is divided into carefully structured activity areas. Children explore freely while supported and guided by teachers that's trained to find ways to give children choices and help them make their own decisions and mistakes.

Learn and Grow

Our center stimulates children and allows them to learn while playing and exploring creative outlets. 


Activity is important and planned exercise periods are scheduled throughout the day.Your child will be taught to be self-sufficient in self-help skills that are also included in the curriculum. 

Karing Loving Daycare & Preschool, an Affordable Childcare Center in Ohio


Address:1070 Weller Ave.

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